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PC and Laptop Virus and Malware Removal Service

Computer viruses and malware are a widespread problem, but can be removed using the right tools. I offer a PC and laptop, virus and malware removal service for people living in the Birmingham, United Kingdom area.

If you do not have the confidence to try the repairs yourself and would like to use my removal service please contact me using the contact form shown on this blog. I will get in contact with you quickly to discuss price etc. I am very experienced at removing computer viruses and will set up free software applications for your future protection. Removing viruses can be a very time consuming process.

Computer bugs are designed to either affect performance, or compromise PC and laptop security. With knowledge you can remove them and protect yourself. I have written an e-book, which explains how you can do this yourself. There is also a section on PC maintenance.

It is called:
Protecting My PC Against Viruses and Malware for Free

and can be purchased on-line at Amazon or Smashwords. This book is available for purchase wherever you live in the world. It only costs £2.33 in the UK.

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